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April 1, 1984 – Wichita Wings vs. Pittsburgh Spirit

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Norman Piper Wichita WingsWichita Wings vs. Pittsburgh Spirit
April 1, 1984
Kansas Coliseum

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FWil contributor Michael Romalis grew up in Wichita, Kansas cheering for the Wichita Wings, an indoor soccer team that regularly sold out the Kansas Coliseum in the early 1980’s.  This blog is re-printed with permission from Michael’s excellent Wichita Wings History website.

I have a special memory of this game. I had always been fascinated with the Kansas Coliseum’s scoreboard. It was big and colorful and hung precariously over the center of the pitch (or center ice if you ever went to a Wichita Wind hockey game). We arrived a little late to this afternoon match and the first thing I noticed was– no scoreboard. Instead, a large void existed where the electronic beast once hung. (It was resting dark and lifeless in the south tunnel.)

Prior to the pregame warm-ups the supporting cables gave way and it fell to the earth, er, astroturf. Public Address announcer J.B. Johnson and the referees forged a special bond that Sunday afternoon as J.B., receiving constant updates, had to announce the remaining time in the period about every minute.

Only the Wichita Wings could have celebrated April Fools Day in this fashion.

By the way, the Wings won 5-4.

In overtime.

Michael Romalis



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