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May 11, 1983 – Seattle Sounders vs. New York Cosmos

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Pedro DeBrito Team AmericaSeattle Sounders vs. New York Cosmos
May 11, 1983
The Kingdome
Attendance: 10,085

North American Soccer League Programs
72 pages


This early season re-match of Soccer Bowl ’82 demonstrated just how rapidly the Seattle Sounders franchise had deteriorated under the watch of the team’s deeply unpopular new owner, Bruce Anderson.  In five short months, the former Los Angeles Rams football player had fired the club’s most successful Head Coach (Alan Hinton), changed the club’s colors, and repudiated the Sounders’ long-time commitment to English players, pursuing an “Americanization” plan that much of the Sounders’ faithful simply viewed as a cover story for budget cuts.

Only 10,085 fans showed up at the Kingdome to watch the Sounders play their staunchest rival, the New York Cosmos.  The Cosmos were the team that bested Seattle in both of their visits to the NASL’s Soccer Bowl championship game, first in 1977 and again in 1982.  The clubs’ previous matches in Seattle were big events.  58,125 turned out to see Pele when the Cosmos made their first visit to the ‘Dome in 1976.  As recently as 1980, the Sounders drew 49,606 for New York’s regular season visit.

Besides the Sounders’ management and PR debacles in 1983, the team just wasn’t very good under new Head Coach Laurie Calloway.  The Cosmos would shut them out 3-0 on this night, courtesy of second half goals from Roberto Cabanas, Vladislav Bogicevic and Giorgio Chinaglia.  It was the Sounders’ third home match of the 1983 season and they had yet to score a goal at home.

This would be the last time to Cosmos ever visited Seattle.  The once-proud Sounders continued to come apart as the season continued.  Anderson was driven out in a palace coup, but the return of the former owners Frank & Vince Coluccio wasn’t enough to right the ship.  Only one of their remaining twelve home dates drew more than 10,000 fans.  A little less than three months after this game, the Sounders went out of business on September 6, 1983 without even waiting for the NASL playoffs to conclude.



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