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1974-1975 Montreal Quebecois

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National Lacrosse League (1975)

Born: 1974 - NLL founding franchise.
Died: February 1976 – The NLL ceases operations.

Arena: The Montreal Forum (16,544)

Team Colors:

Owner: Nelson Stoll & John Ferguson


The Montreal Quebecois were one of six founding members of the National Lacrosse League in 1974.  The NLL was a summer-season operation that played box (indoor) lacrosse on wooden floors in NHL and minor league hockey arenas.  The other five cities in the league in 1974 were Maryland, Philadelphia, Rochester, Syracuse and Toronto.

Originally the Quebecois were going to be a joint venture between Quebec investors Nelson Stoll and John Ferguson along with Sydney Salomon, owner of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues.  Shortly before the inaugural season began though, Stoll and Ferguson bought out Salomon’s 50% interest to make the Quebecois into a fully locally-owned franchise.  Ferguson was a former Montreal Canadiens ice hockey star who won five Stanley Cups during his 12-year career with the NHL team from 1959 to 1971.  Ferguson was pressed into coaching the Quebecois during the 1974 season when the club’s original hire, Bill Bradley, had a change of heart and decided he wanted to play only and not manage the team.

The Quebecois’ top player was John Davis, who finished 2nd in the league in scoring in 1974 (78 goals, 105 assists) and 3rd in 1975 (79 goals, 129 assists).

During the 1975 season, the Quebecois acquired a provincial rival when the NLL’s Syracuse Stingers franchise moved to Quebec City and became Les Caribous de Quebec.  The Quebecois and the Caribous met in the Nations Cup championship series in September 1975, with the Caribous upsetting Montreal 4 games to 2.   The games drew large crowds in both cities, but they also proved to be the final lacrosse matches ever staged by the NLL.  The league folded in February 1976 after membership dwindled to only three viable clubs.


==Quebecois Games on Fun While It Lasted==

Date Opponent Score Program Other
1974 5/15/1974 vs. Toronto Tomahawks W 14-8 Program
1974 8/8/1974 vs. Maryland Arrows W 14-12 Program
1974 8/13/1974 vs. Philadelphia Wings L 23-13 Program
1974 9/8/1974 vs. Rochester Griffins W 20-11 Program



1974 Montreal Quebecois Regular Season Final Statistics



It Was Provincial Indeed” – October 6, 1975 Sports Illustrated coverage of the 1975 NLL Nations Cup final.

National Lacrosse League Programs


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1974-1975 Maryland Arrows


National Lacrosse League (1974-1975)

Born: 1974 – NLL founding franchise.
Died: February 1976 – The NLL ceases operations.

Arena: The Capital Centre (17,500)

Team Colors:



The Maryland Arrows were an indoor (box) lacrosse team that was active for both seasons of the short-lived National Lacrosse League (1974-1975.)  The NLL went out of business in February 1976 before a third season could be staged.  The Arrows were reportedly ready and willing to continue on, but there weren’t enough viable teams and the Arrows faded into history with the rest of the league.

While they lasted the Arrows featured one of the greatest lacrosse players of the era in Paul Suggate.  Suggate easily led the NLL in scoring in 1974 with a ridiculous 115 goals and 124 assists in only 40 games.  That was over 50 points ahead of the league’s second leading scorer.  In 1975 he finished 2nd to Doug Hayes of the Long Island Tomahawks and was overall the greatest scorer in the National Lacrosse League’s brief history.

Americans of the 1970′s weren’t all that familiar with box lacrosse and the NLL wasn’t shy about marketing the sport’s hockey-style s“violence to get them through the turnstiles.  The Arrows’ radio commercials featured a voiceover endorsement from Attila the Hun.  The team’s mascot was a Neanderthal goon named Crunch Crosscheck (see logo above right).  A fight-filled June 1975 game against the Philadelphia Wings at the Capital Centre in Landover included a wild bench-clearing brawl and the spectacle of Wings’ players Carm Collins, Larry Lloyd and Zeny Lipinski allegedly beating a group of Arrows fans with their lacrosse sticks.  13 Arrows and 12 Wings players were later fined by Commissioner Gerry Patterson and Collins, Lloyd and Lipinsky were charged with assault and battery by the local state’s attorney.


==Arrows Matches on Fun While It Lasted==

Season Date Opponent Score Program Other
1974 8/8/1974 @ Montreal Quebecois L 14-12 Program
1974 8/18/1974 vs. Rochester Griffins W 12-9 Program
1975 4/12/1975 @ Philadelphia Wings ?? Program



National Lacrosse League Programs

Attila Gives His Approval“, Joe Jares, Sports Illustrated, June 3, 1974

Two Ways To Stick It To ‘em” Larry Keith, Sports Illustrated, July 7, 1975




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1975 Long Island Tomahawks

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National Lacrosse League (1975)

Born: 1975 – The Toronto Tomahawks relocate to Long Island, NY.
Died: February 1976 – The NLL ceases operations.

Arena: Nassau Coliseum (14,300)

Team Colors:

Owner: Bruce Norris


The Long Island Tomahawks were a pro box lacrosse team that played at Nassau Coliseum in the summer of 1975.  The team’s ancestry is a little convoluted.  Owner Bruce Norris, who also owned the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League, was an original investor in the National Lacrosse League.  During the league’s first season in 1974, Norris owned the league’s Toronto Tomahawks franchise.  The Tomahawks floundered at Maple Leaf Gardens and the team was shifted to new ownership in Boston for the 1975 season.  Norris, meanwhile, kept the Tomahawks name and logo and bought the 1974 league champion Rochester Griffins franchise and moved it downstate to Long Island.

Despite the name lifted from Norris’ old Toronto club, the Long Island Tomahawks traced their history to the Griffins and you can see on their game program (above right) that they promoted themselves as the “1974 World Champions” of pro lacrosse.

Modern day box lacrosse fans are familiar with the game played on Astroturf carpets, but the National Lacrosse League of the 1970′s played on wooden courts laid over the ice at hockey arenas.  The Tomahawks’ court was painted an unusual white color, which you can see in the video below.  The league’s other teams typically played on green wooden surfaces.

The Tomahawks were the best team in the 6-team NLL during the 1975 season with a 31-17 record.  But they lost to the 4th-place Quebec Caribous 4 games to 2 in the semi-final playoff series in September 1975.  Doug Hayes (104 goals, 126 assists) led the league in scoring.

In February 1976 the National Lacrosse League went out of business, saying that only the Maryland, Philadelphia and Quebec franchises were prepared to move forward with a third season.  Pro lacrosse returned to the Nassau Coliseum in 1989 with the arrival of the New York Saints (1989-2003) of the Major Indoor Lacrosse League.


==Tomahawks Games on Fun While It Lasted==

Date Opponent Score Program Other
4/28/1975 @ Boston Bolts  W 19-17 (OT) Program
5/27/1975 vs. Quebec Caribous  W 19-17 Program



The Long Island Tomahawks host the Philadelphia Wings at Nassau Coliseum. August 29, 1975



National Lacrosse League Media Guides

National Lacrosse League Programs


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1996 Charlotte Cobras

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Major Indoor Lacrosse League (1996)

Born: October 2, 1995 – MILL expansion franchise.
Died: August 21, 1996 – The Cobras cease operations.

Arena: Independence Arena

Team Colors:

Owner: Major Indoor Lacrosse League


Very obscure Box Lacrosse entry that lasted for only one season in the centrally-owned Major Indoor Lacrosse League.  The Charlotte Cobras were added to the league as an expansion franchise in 1996, but they were badly overmatched.  The Cobras lost all 10 of their games and were outscored 186-85 for the season, an average deficit of more than 10 goals per game.

In August 1996 the league decided to shut down the Cobras rather than bring them back for a second season.

Would like to find a logo, pocket schedule or other scrap of memorabilia for this team, but not holding out much hope.  Thanks to for sending over this rare Cobras pocket schedule (above right).


==1996 Charlotte Cobras Results==

Date Opponent Score Program Other
1/12/1996 vs. Boston Blazers L 17-4
1/13/1996 @ Boston Blazers L 19-9
1/20/1996 @ Rochester Knighthawks L 15-10
1/27/1996 vs. Baltimore Thunder L 16-6
2/10/1996 @ Baltimore Thunder L 14-10
2/16/1996 vs. New York Saints L 20-9
2/24/1996 @ Buffalo Bandits L 28-6
3/2/1996 vs. Philadelphia Wings L 14-8
3/9/1996 @ Philadelphia Wings L 26-11
3/23/1996 vs. Rochester Knighthawks L 17-12



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February 5, 2010 Washington Stealth vs. Minnesota Swarm

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Washington Stealth vs. Minnesota Swarm
February 5, 2010
Comcast Arena (Everett, WA)
Attendance: 3,526

National Lacrosse League Programs


Obscure game program here from the defunct Washington Stealth (2010-2013) of the indoor National Lacrosse League.  The Stealth were kind of a weird fit in the NLL, playing in the decidedly minor league city of Everett, Washington while most of their opponents played in big city NBA and NHL arenas.

But the Stealth were really good in 2010, the franchise’s first season in the Pacific Northwest after a failed run in San Jose.  Coming into this February 5th match against the visiting Minnesota Swarm, they were undefeated at 5-0 and in control of the NLL’s West Division.   That’s former Johns Hopkins star Paul Rabil on the cover of the match program.  Rabil is one of the greatest players in the sport of lacrosse today, a two-time MVP of the summertime outdoor Major League Lacrosse and a perennial winter All-Star selection in box lacrosse for the NLL.  On this night though, Rabil was notable mainly for getting a game misconduct penalty in the third period.

The Stealth held off the last place Swarm 12-9 and improved to 6-0.  The rest of the regular season was a rougher ride.  Washington went just 6-5 the rest of the way, but still won the West Division.  They hit the on switch again for the playoffs and went undefeated in the postseason, defeating the Toronto Rock for the 2010 NLL Champions Cup on May 15, 2010





Washington Stealth Home Page


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