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Canadian Football League (1958-Today)

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The Canadian Football League traces its history back to the formation of amateur rugby football associations in the late 19th century.  Clubs began competing for The Grey Cup, which crowned Canada’s best amateur rugby side, in 1909.  During the first half of the 20th century, the rules of the game began to evolve away from rugby and into the modern sport of Canadian Football, which is played 12-on-12 on a 110-yard field, with the offensive team receiving only three downs (rather than the American four) to advance the ball ten yards for a first down or achieve a score.  By 1954, the sport was fully professional, with amateur clubs dropping away.   Today’s Canadian Football League formally began play in 1958, although some clubs trace their lineage back to the 19th century.

The Canadian franchises of the CFL have been remarkably resilient, with the exception of the recent history of the sport in Ottawa, where two clubs have folded since 1996.  However, from 1993 to 1995, the CFL under then-Commissioner Larry Smith embarked on a highly ambitious and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to expand into the United States.  The CFL’s American adventure found clubs playing as far south as San Antonio, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana.  One team – the Baltimore CFL Colts/Stallions (1994-1995) proved enormously successful on the field and at the box office – but this was the exception rather than the rule.  None of the American teams lasted more than two seasons and by 1996 the American chapter of the CFL’s history was all over.

Canadian Football League Franchise List

Franchise Years Active Tagged Posts
Baltimore CFL Colts 1994 Tagged Posts
Baltimore Football Club 1994 Tagged Posts
Baltimore Stallions 1995 Tagged Posts
Birmingham Barracudas 1995 Tagged Posts
British Columbia Lions 1954-Present Tagged Posts
Calgary Stampeders 1909-Present Tagged Posts
Edmonton Eskimos 1949-Present Tagged Posts
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1869-Present Tagged Posts
Las Vegas Posse 1994 Tagged Posts
Memphis Mad Dogs 1995 Tagged Posts
Montreal Alouettes 1946-1981 Tagged Posts
Montreal Alouettes 1986 Tagged Posts
Montreal Alouettes 1996-Present Tagged Posts
Montreal Concordes 1982-1985 Tagged Posts
Ottawa Renegades 2002-2005 Tagged Posts
Sacramento Gold Miners 1993-1994 Tagged Posts
San Antonio Texans 1995 Tagged Posts
Saskatchewan Roughriders 1910-Present Tagged Posts
Shreveport Pirates 1994-1995 Tagged Posts
Toronto Argonauts 1873-Present Tagged Posts
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 1930-Present Tagged Posts


==Notable Players==

  • Damon Allen (Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, Memphis, British Columbia, Toronto 1985-2007)
  • Doug Flutie (British Columbia, Calgary, Toronto 1990-1997)
  • Joe Kapp (Calgary, British Columbia 1959-1966)
  • Ron Lancaster (Ottawa, Saskatchewan 1960-1978)
  • Warren Moon (Edmonton 1978-1983)
  • Jackie Parker (Edmonton, Toronto, British Columbia 1954-1968)
  • George Reed (Saskatchewan 1963-1975)
  • Johnny Rodgers (Montreal 1973-1976)


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