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Rocky Rukavina Philadelphia Ramblers

Norm Dowdall Philadelphia Ramblers

Russ McClenaghan Philadelphia Ramblers

Don Busch Philadelphia Ramblers

Toby Black Philadelphia Ramblers

Ivan Walmsley Philadelphia Ramblers

Eastern Hockey League Programs

Blinky Boyce Philadelphia Ramblers

Charlotte Checkers Program

Dan Patrick Jersey Larks

1960-61 Clinton Comets

Eastern Hockey League Programs

Eastern Hockey League Programs

Eastern Hockey League Programs

Charlotte Checkers Program

1963-64 Long Island Ducks

Bobby Boucher Greensboro Generals

1964-65 Jacksonville Rockets

Earl Heiskala Knoxville Knights

John McMillan New York Rovers

Eastern Hockey League Programs

1971-72 Suncoast Suns

Guy Dufour Syracuse Blazers

Mike Morton Syracuse Blazers

Stu Roberts Greensboro Generals

Ron Hindson Greensboro Generals

Suncoast Suns Program

Syracuse Blazers Yearbook

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  1. Looking for a Philadelphia Ramblers program that featured a story on Joe Kadlec, the team’s stick boy.

    Joe Kadlec

    22 Jan 15 at 4:01 pm

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