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1971-1985 New York Cosmos

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New York Cosmos YearbookNorth American Soccer League (1971-1984)
Major Indoor Soccer League (1984-1985)

Born: 1971 – NASL expansion franchise.
Died: 1985 – The Cosmos cease operations.



Team Colors:


  • 1971-1984: Warner Communications (Steve Ross, et al.)
  • 1984-1985: Giorgio Chinaglia, et al.




==New York Cosmos Matches on Fun While It Lasted==

Season Date Opponent Score Program Other
1971 6/9/1971 vs. Rochester Lancers W 4-2 Program Game Notes
1974 5/12/1974 vs. Miami Toros T 1-1 Program Roster
1974 5/22/1974 @ Philadelphia Atoms L 1-0 Program
1974 7/21/1974 vs. Seattle Sounders W 2-1 Game Notes
1974 7/28/1974 vs. Toronto Metros W 3-2 (SO) Program
1975 5/3/1975 @ Tampa Bay Rowdies L 1-0 Program
1975 5/28/1975 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps L 1-0 Program
1975 6/4/1975 vs. Hartford Bicentennials W 2-1 Program
1975 7/9/1975 vs. Boston Minutemen W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1975 7/23/1975 vs. San Jose Earthquakes Game Notes
1976 4/9/1976 @ Seattle Sounders W 3-1 Program
1976 6/18 1976 vs. Toronto Metros-Croatia W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1977 4/2/1977 vs. Victory Sportif (Haiti) W 9-0 Program Game Notes
1977 5/11/1977 @ Chicago Sting  W 2-1 Program
1977 6/1/1977 vs. Lazio W 3-2 Program
1977 6/30/1977 @ Vancouver Whitecaps L 5-3 Program Game Notes
1977 8/10/1977 vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1978 6/28/1978 vs. Los Angeles Aztecs  W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1979 3/25/1979 Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara  T 2-2 Program Game Notes
1979 3/28/1979 @ California Surf W 3-2 Program
1979 4/14/1979 @ Atlanta Chiefs  W 3-2 (SO) Program Game Notes
1979 4/29/1979 vs. Philadelphia Fury  W 4-2 Program Game Notes
1979 5/6/1979 vs. Houston Hurricane W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1979 6/3/1979 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1979 6/10/1979 vs. Dallas Tornado W 4-1 Program Game Notes
1979 6/24/1979 vs. New England Tea Men  W 1-0  Program Game Notes
1979 7/15/1979 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps L 4-2 Program Game Notes
1979 7/29/1979 vs. San Jose Earthquakes W 5-0 Program Game Notes
1980 4/5/1980 @ Houston Hurricane W 4-3 (SO) Program Game Notes
1980 4/9/1980 @ Fort Lauderdale Strikers L 4-1 Program Game Notes
1980 4/13/1980 vs. Minnesota Kicks W 2-1 (SO)  Program Game Notes
1980 4/26/1980 @ Tulsa Roughnecks L 2-1 Program Game Notes
1980 5/4/1980 vs. Dallas Tornado  W 2-0 Program Game Notes
1980 6/1/1980 @ Washington Diplomats W 2-1 (SO) Program Game Notes
1980 6/16/1980 @ New England Tea Men L 2-1 (OT)  Program Game Notes
1980 7/2/1980 vs. Toronto Blizzard  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1980 8/7/1980 vs. Edmonton Drillers W 3-2 (OT) Program Game Notes
1980 9/24/1980 vs. NASL Select Team L 3-2 Program Game Notes
1981 4/4/1981 @ Jacksonville Tea Men L 2-1 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981 4/18/1981  @ Dallas Tornado W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1981 5/25/1981 vs. Dallas Tornado W 5-1 Program Game Notes
1981 6/2/1981 @ Montreal Manic W 2-1 (OT) Program Game Notes
1981 6/14/1981 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 4-3 Program Game Notes
1981 6/21/1981 vs. Los Angeles Aztecs W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1981 6/28/1981 @ Chicago Sting  L 6-5 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981 7/22/1981 vs. Montreal Manic W 5-4 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981 8/12/1981 vs. Washington Diplomats W 4-2 Program Game Notes
1981 8/16/1981 vs. Montreal Manic W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1981 8/19/1981 @ Toronto Blizzard L 2-1 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981 9/26/1981 @ Chicago Sting  L 1-0 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981-82 1/23/1982 @ Chicago Sting  L 6-3 Program
1981-82 1/26/1982 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 7-4 Program Game Notes
1981-82 2/9/1982 vs. Chicago Sting  W 9-6 Program Game Notes
1982 4/4/1982 vs. National Team of Peru W 5-1 Program Game Notes
1982 4/10/1982 @ Jacksonville Tea Men W 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 4/24/1982 @ Chicago Sting  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1982 5/12/1982 @ San Diego Sockers W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1982 5/23/1982 vs. Fort Lauderdale Strikers  W 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 6/8/1982 vs. A.C. Milan W 1-0 Program Scorecard/Roster
1982 6/12/1982 @ Tampa Bay Rowdies W 2-0 Program Game Notes
1982 6/18/1982 @ Montreal Manic  L 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 6/23/1982 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps W 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 6/27/1982 vs. Edmonton Drillers  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1982 7/10/1982 @ Chicago Sting  W 2-1 Program
1982 7/25/1982 vs. San Diego Sockers W 2-1 (OT) Program Game Notes
1982 8/11/1982 vs. Toronto Blizzard L 4-1 Program Game Notes
1982 8/15/1982 vs. Chicago Sting  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1982 8/20/1982 @ Montreal Manic L 3-1 Program Game Notes
1982 8/25/1982 vs. Tulsa Roughnecks  W 5-0 Program Game Notes
1982 9/1/1982 vs. Tulsa Roughnecks W 1-0 Program Game Notes
1982 9/5/1982 vs. San Diego Sockers W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1982 9/8/1982 @ San Diego Sockers W 2-1 (OT) Program
1983 5/4/1983 @ Fort Lauderdale Strikers L 4-1 Program Game Notes
1983 5/11/1983 @ Seattle Sounders W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1983 5/21/1983 @ Tulsa Roughnecks W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1983 5/25/1983 vs. Golden Bay Earthquakes W 5-1 Program Game Notes
1983 6/17/1983 @ Team America L 2-1 (SO) Game Notes
1983 7/6/1983 vs. Team America W 4-0 Program Game Notes
1983 7/20/1983 vs. Seattle Sounders W 4-3 (SO) Program Game Notes
1983 7/30/1983 @ Chicago Sting  L 2-1  Program  Game Notes
1983 8/3/1983 vs. San Diego Sockers W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1983 8/10/1983 @ Team America W 2-1 Program
1983 8/14/1983 vs. Montreal Manic W 3-0 Game Notes
1983 8/16/1983 @ Toronto Blizzard W 1-0 (OT) Program Game Notes
1983-84 11/20/1983 vs. Chicago Sting  W 4-2 Program Game Notes
1983-84 12/26/1983 @ Chicago Sting  W 4-3 Program
1984 5/13/1984 vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies W 1-0 Program Game Notes
1984 5/20/1984 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1984 5/26/1984  @ Tampa Bay Rowdies L 3-2 (SO) Game Notes
1984 6/9/1984 vs. Chicago Sting  L 5-0 Program Game Notes
1984 6/17/1984 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1984 6/22/1984 @ Chicago Sting  W 2-1  Program Game Notes
1984 7/22/1984 vs. World All-Stars L 3-1 Program Game Notes
1984 7/25/1984 vs. San Diego Sockers W 3-1 Game Notes
1984 8/15/1984 vs. San Diego Sockers  W 2-0 Program Game Notes
1984 8/19/1984 vs. Minnesota Strikers L 4-3 (OT) Program Game Notes
1984 8/29/1984 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1984 9/12/1984 vs. Golden Bay Earthquakes L 1-0 Program Game Notes
1984 9/15/1984 @ Chicago Sting  L 1-0 Program
1984-85 12/14/1984 @ Chicago Sting L 5-4 Program
1984-85 12/22/1984 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 5-2 Program
1984-85 2/9/1985 @ Los Angeles Lazers L 7-3 Program


==Key Players==




Trailer for Once In A Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos



==In Memoriam==

Former Cosmos head coach Hennes Weisweiler, who managed the club from 1980-1982, died July 5, 1983.  He was 63.

Cosmos founder/owner & Warner Communications CEO Steve Ross passed away on December 20, 1992 from prostate cancer at 65.

Ex-Cosmos player/owner Giorgio Chinaglia, the NASL’s all-time leading scorer, died on April 1, 2012 at age 65.




1973 New York Cosmos Season Ticket Brochure

June 1978 New York Cosmos Travel Itinerary – Minnesota

March 25, 1979 Cosmos vs. Estudiantes Tecos Game Program

June 11, 1979 – Cosmos Sign Dutch Star Johan Neeskens Press Release

August 31, 1980 – Pele to Don #10 Again in Beckenbauer Farewell Press Release

1982 New York Cosmos Soccer Bowl Press Kit

November 20, 1983 Cosmos Sign Dan Canter Press Release



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July 29, 1980 – Cleveland Cobras vs. Partizan Belgrade

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Jacob Shanee Cleveland CobrasCleveland Cobras vs. Partizan Belgrade
July 29, 1980
Finnie Stadium
Attendance: 4,627


This eye-catching match program comes from an international friendly between the Cleveland Cobras of the 2nd Division American Soccer League and Partizan Belgrade, the 8-time champions of the Yugoslav First League.

Throughout the late 1970’s and into 1980, Cobras management imported a series of foreign clubs to Cleveland.  This July 1980 contest against Partizan was the last such exhibition the Cobras would ever play and it was one of the most compelling.  Thomas Hatfield, in his exhaustive History of Soccer in Greater Cleveland From 1906 Until 1981, reports that Croatian protesters burned the Yugoslavian flag before the match.  The crowd of 4,627 at Finnie Stadium on the campus of Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea was one of the largest in club history for the Cobras.

Cleveland State grad Walter Schlothauer spotted the Cobras a 1-0 lead in the first half.  The Ohio native would go on to win ASL Rookie-of-the-Year honors at the end of the 1980 season.  Cleveland keeper Marine Cano held Partizan scoreless in the first half.  Partizan unloaded in the 2nd half though, roughing up Cano’s replacement, Fred Bass, with four goals after intermission.

Dzevad Prekazi of Partizan was named offensive Man of the Match, with one goal and one assist on 9 shots.  Prekazi went on to become a star for Turkish powerhouse Galatasaray in the late 1980’s.  He also returned to the United States briefly in the winter of the 1984-85, where he played under the name “Jeff Prekazi” with the Baltimore Blast of the Major Indoor Soccer League.

Jacob Shanee of the Cobras is pictured on the cover of the evening’s match program.




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1968-1974 Amarillo Giants

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Amarillo Giants ProgramTexas League (1968-1970 & 1972-1974)
Dixie Association (1971)

Born: 1968: Affiliation change from Amarillo Sonics.
Died: October 1974: The Giants relocate to Lafayette, LA.

Stadium: Potter County Memorial Stadium

Team Colors:


  • 1968-1973: San Francisco Giants
  • 1974: Steve Daly


The Amarillo Giants were a Class AA farm club of the San Francisco Giants in the Texas League from 1968 through 1974.

Key prospects to come through Amarillo during the Giants era included:

  • Dave Kingman (Team best 15 home runs in 1970)
  • Chris Speier (66 RBIs in 1970)
  • Steve Stone (9 wins in 1970).
  • Gary Matthews (15 HR and 86 RBI for Amarillo in 1971)
  • Future National League Rookie-of-the-Year John Montefusco (8 wins in 1974)

The San Francisco Giants owned and operated the ball club directly from 1968 through 1973.  In 1974 the Giants sold the club to veteran minor league exec Steve Daly, who operated the team for its final season in Amarillo.  Immediately after the 1974 season concluded, Daly sold the team to a new owner who moved it to Lafayette, Louisiana where the team was known as the Lafayette Drillers (1975-1976).

After a one-year hiatus without baseball, the Texas League returned to Amarillo and Memorial Stadium with the formation of the Amarillo Gold Sox (1976-1982) in 1976.



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1978-79 Dayton Rockettes

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Women’s Professional Basketball League (1978-1979)

Born: 1978 – WPBL founding franchise.
Died: 1979 – The Rockettes cease operations.

Arena: Hara Arena

Team Colors: Kelly Green & Silver

Owner: Louis Deitelbaum


The Dayton Rockettes were one of eight original franchises in the Women’s Professional Basketball League (1978-1981).  The WPBL, which debuted in December 1978, was the first professional basketball league for women, pre-dating the WNBA by nearly 20 years.

Even by the standards of this league, which scraped and scratched for media and fan attention without consistent success, the Rockettes were a particularly obscure franchise.  They played in the league’s smallest market in a minor league hockey arena.  The Rockettes encountered financial problems early in their maiden season and folded quietly in the spring or summer of 1979, earning a place in our One-Year Wonders file.

The Dayton Rockettes were 12-22 in their only season of existence.

FWIL is actively looking for a program or other memorabilia from this team to improve this entry.  Email if you can help.


==Dayton Rockettes Games on Fun While It Lasted==

Date Opponent Score Program Other
1/4/1978 @ Chicago Hustle W 102-95 Program
4/1/1979 @ Iowa Cornets  L 115-84 Program Roster



1978-79 Women’s Professional Basketball League Brochure



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1988 Maine Phillies

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Maine Phillies ProgramInternational League (1988)

Born: January 1988 – Re-branding of the Maine Guides.
Died: 1989 – The Phillies relocate to Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA.

Stadium: The Ball Park at Old Orchard Beach

Team Colors:

Owner: John McGee, et al.


The Maine Phillies were the top farm club of the Philadelphia Phillies in the summer of 1988.

The franchise, based in the vacation hamlet of Old Orchard Beach, was formerly known as the Maine Guides from 1984 through 1987.  The team re-branded as the Maine Phillies in early 1988 following a contentious two-year legal battle between Guides founder Jordan Kobritz and a Scranton, Pennsylvania group called Northeastern Baseball, headed by John McGee.

Kobritz agreed to sell the Guides from and their membership in the Class AAA International League to McGee in 1986 for $2 million.  The contract also called for the transfer of the Class AA Waterbury (CT) Indians of the Eastern League from Northeastern Baseball to Kobritz – at least in Kobritz’s opinion.  The original concept in 1986 was that McGee would take the Guides to Pennsylvania, where it would become the top minor league affiliate of the Phillies and become known as the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Red Barons in 1989, when a new $22 million triple-A stadium opened in 1989.  Kobritz, meanwhile, would continue playing minor league ball at The Ball Park in Old Orchard Beach in the Eastern League with the former Waterbury franchise.

The deal started to go sideways in September 1986 when McGee’s group turned over the struggling Waterbury franchise to the Eastern League itself, as compensation for rights to the Scranton market.  That meant that Kobritz could bid on the former Waterbury club, but wouldn’t have the exclusive option on the team he expected.  (The former Waterbury franchise would eventually land in Williamsport, PA).  Kobritz refused to move forward with the sale and filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit in October 1986. Two sides battled in court for control of the franchise for the next year.  Kobritz won the early rounds of litigation and held onto to control of the Guides for the 1987 season.  But the tide turned on the Guides founder in a series of rulings in late 1987 and early 1988 that stripped his control of the franchise and the minor league territorial rights for Maine and awarded them to McGee.  Kobritz took his appeals all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but lost his final battle in February 1988.

Finally in control of the ball club in January 1988, McGee dropped the Guides nickname and announced plans for the club to play on final lame duck season in Old Orchard Beach as the Maine Phillies.  In 1989, the new stadium in Scranton would be finally be ready after construction delays and the team would finally move to Pennsylvania.

During their only season, the Maine Phillies finished in last place in the International League’s East Division with a 62-80 record.

Pro baseball never returned to Old Orchard Beach after the departure of the Phillies in 1988.  The Ball Park fell into extreme disrepair in the 2000’s, but a community effort to renovate the 25-year old structure in 2009 led to the return of amateur/summer collegiate ball in the summer of 2011.



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