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This is a gallery of Media Guides for the old North American Soccer League, which was active from 1968 to 1984.

Virtually every club produced a high quality guide during the 17 seasons that the NASL existed, meaning a complete collection would involved hundreds of publications.  In addition, the NASL also played four indoor soccer campaigns between 1979 and the league’s demise in 1984.  Separate media guides exist for each indoor team and season.  The league itself also published a guide every season from 1969 to 1984.  In 1968, The Sporting News published an Official Guide for the NASL in lieu of a league-published guide.

The most sought after guides include:

  • Any featuring the New York Cosmos (1971-1984)
  • The all-league guides for the indoor seasons (1979-80, 1980-81, 1981-82 and 1983-84)
  • Individual team guides from the league’s final season in 1984, which happen to be especially scarce.

A prominent collector split up his collection on e-Bay in early 2012.  While most guides went in the typical range of $8 – $15 a piece, rare 1984 guides for the Golden Bay Earthquakes, San Diego Sockers and Toronto Blizzard all fetched in excess of $60 each.

Click on individual guides to see which are available in our store today.  Or browse our complete inventory of NASL memorabilia here.

Atlanta Chiefs Media Guide

Dallas Tornado Media Guide

New York Generals Media Guide

NASL Media Guide

Rochester Lancers Media Guide

NASL Media Guide

Baltimore Comets Media Guide

Philadelphia Atoms Media Guide

Seattle Sounders Media Guide

1974 Toronto Metros Media Guide

1974 Washington Diplomats Media Guide

1975 Boston Minutemen Media Guide

Chicago Sting Media Guide

Dallas Tornado Media Guide

1975 Philadelphia Atoms Media Guide

1976 Chicago Sting Media Guide

1976 Dallas Tornado Media Guide

1976 Hartford Bicentennials Media Guide

1976 Miami Toros Media Guide

1976 New York Cosmos Media Guide

Vic Crowe Portland Timbers

1976 San Antonio Thunder Media Guide

1976 San Diego Jaws Media Guide

1976 San Jose Earthquakes Media Guide

1976 Tampa Bay Rowdies Media Guide

1977 North American Soccer League Media Guide

1977 Chicago Sting Media Guide

1977 Connecticut Bicentennials Media Guide

1977 Dallas Tornado Media Guide

1977 Las Vegas Quicksilvers Media Guide

George Best Los Angeles Aztecs

1977 New York Cosmos Media Guide

1977 Portland Timbers Media Guide

1977 Rochester Lancers Media Guide

1977 St. Louis Stars Media Guide

1977 Tampa Bay Rowdies Media Guide

1977 Team Hawaii Media Guide

1977 Toronto Metros-Croatia Media Guid

1977 Vancouver Whitecaps Media Guide

1977 Washington Diplomats Media Guide

1978 California Surf Media Guide

1978 Chicago Sting Media Guide

1978 Caribous of Colorado Media Guide

1978 Dallas Tornado Media Guide

1978 Detroit Express Media Guide

1978 Memphis Rogues Media Guide

1978 Minnesota Kicks Media Guide

1978 New York Cosmos Media Guide

Washington Diplomats Media Guide

1979 Atlanta Chiefs Media Guide

1979 Memphis Rogues

1979 Toronto Blizzard Media Guide

1979 Washington Diplomats Media Guide

Soccer Bowl '79 Media Guide

1979-80 NASL Indoor Media Guide

1979-80 Atlanta Chiefs Media Guide

1980 Rochester Lancers

1980 Atlanta Chiefs Media Guide

Fort Lauderdale Strikers Media Guide

Houston Hurricane Media Guide

Memphis Rogues Media Guide

Minnesota Kicks Media Guide

New England Tea Men Media Guide

Tony Glavin Philadelphia Fury

Portland Timbers Media Guide

Rochester Lancers Media Guide

San Diego Sockers Media Guide

San Jose Earthquakes Media Guide

NASL Media Guides

NASL Media Guides

1980-81 Atlanta Chiefs Media Guide

Minnesota Kicks Media Guide

San Jose Earthquakes Media Guide

1980-81 Toronto Blizzard Media Guide

1981 Atlanta Chiefs Media Guide

1981 Toronto Blizzard Media Guide

Tulsa Roughnecks Media Guide

1981 Vancouver Whitecaps Media Guide

Jacksonville Tea Men Media Guide

Monteal Manic Media Guide

Tampa Bay Rowdies Media Guide

1981-82 Toronto Blizzard Indoor Media Guide

Tulsa Roughnecks Media Guide

Vancouver Whitecaps Media Guide

1983 Chicago Sting Media Guide

1983 San Diego Sockers Media Guide

1983 Toronto Blizzard Media Guide

1983 Vancouver Whitecaps Media Guide

NASL Media Guides

1984 Toronto Blizzard Media Guide

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  1. Took me years to do it, but I have every NASL league guide from 1971-1984, and many individual team guides.

    I have every Tampa Bay Rowdies guide (1975-84), three of the four indoor NASL league guides and these team guides:

    1975 – Chicago, Dallas, San Jose
    1976 – Dallas
    1978 – Dallas
    1979 – San Jose
    1980 – San Jose
    1981 – Los Angeles, Tulsa
    1982 – Jacksonville, San Diego, San Jose
    1983 – Team America, Cosmos
    1984 – San Diego

    And a Cosmos indoor 1983-84 guide.


    29 Feb 12 at 3:34 pm

  2. Just going ovr all your NASL guides programs etc. Had seasons tickets to the Whitecaps from 75 to 84. Then again from their entry into MLS. A lot of these guides looked familiar as i used to collect them also. I still have some down in my locker. Attended Soccer Bowls in Seattle, Portland, New York, and Vancouver. Great to see them again. Bob

    Bob Rogers

    8 Jun 15 at 4:51 am

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