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1971-1985 New York Cosmos

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New York Cosmos YearbookNorth American Soccer League (1971-1984)
Major Indoor Soccer League (1984-1985)

Born: 1971 – NASL expansion franchise.
Died: 1985 – The Cosmos cease operations.



Team Colors:


  • 1971-1984: Warner Communications (Steve Ross, et al.)
  • 1984-1985: Giorgio Chinaglia, et al.




==New York Cosmos Matches on Fun While It Lasted==

Season Date Opponent Score Program Other
1971 6/9/1971 vs. Rochester Lancers W 4-2 Program Game Notes
1974 5/12/1974 vs. Miami Toros T 1-1 Program Roster
1974 7/21/1974 vs. Seattle Sounders W 2-1 Game Notes
1975 5/3/1975 @ Tampa Bay Rowdies L 1-0 Program
1975 5/28/1975 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps L 1-0 Program
1975 6/4/1975 vs. Hartford Bicentennials W 2-1 Program
1975 7/9/1975 vs. Boston Minutemen W 3-1 Program
1975 7/23/1975 vs. San Jose Earthquakes Game Notes
1976 4/9/1976 @ Seattle Sounders W 3-1 Program
1976 6/18 1976 vs. Toronto Metros-Croatia W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1977 5/11/1977 @ Chicago Sting  W 2-1 Program
1977 6/30/1977 @ Vancouver Whitecaps L 5-3 Program Game Notes
1978 6/28/1978 vs. Los Angeles Aztecs  W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1979 3/25/1979 Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara  T 2-2 Program Game Notes
1979 4/14/1979 @ Atlanta Chiefs  W 3-2 (SO) Program Game Notes
1979 4/29/1979 vs. Philadelphia Fury  W 4-2 Program Game Notes
1979 5/6/1979 vs. Houston Hurricane W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1979 6/3/1979 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1979 6/10/1979 vs. Dallas Tornado W 4-1 Program Game Notes
1979 6/24/1979 vs. New England Tea Men  W 1-0  Program Game Notes
1979 7/15/1979 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps L 4-2 Program Game Notes
1980 4/5/1980 @ Houston Hurricane W 4-3 (SO) Program Game Notes
1980 4/9/1980 @ Fort Lauderdale Strikers L 4-1 Program Game Notes
1980 4/13/1980 vs. Minnesota Kicks W 2-1 (SO)  Program Game Notes
1980 4/26/1980 @ Tulsa Roughnecks L 2-1 Program Game Notes
1980 5/4/1980 vs. Dallas Tornado  W 2-0 Program Game Notes
1980 6/1/1980 @ Washington Diplomats W 2-1 (SO) Program Game Notes
1980 6/16/1980 @ New England Tea Men L 2-1 (OT)  Program Game Notes
1980 7/2/1980 vs. Toronto Blizzard  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1981 4/4/1981 @ Jacksonville Tea Men L 2-1 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981 4/18/1981  @ Dallas Tornado W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1981 5/25/1981 vs. Dallas Tornado W 5-1 Program Game Notes
1981 6/2/1981 @ Montreal Manic W 2-1 (OT) Program Game Notes
1981 6/14/1981 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 4-3 Program Game Notes
1981 6/21/1981 vs. Los Angeles Aztecs W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1981 6/28/1981 @ Chicago Sting  L 6-5 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981 7/22/1981 vs. Montreal Manic W 5-4 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981 9/26/1981 @ Chicago Sting  L 1-0 (SO) Program Game Notes
1981-82 1/23/1982 @ Chicago Sting  L 6-3 Program
1981-82 1/26/1982 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 7-4 Program Game Notes
1981-82 2/9/1982 vs. Chicago Sting  W 9-6 Program Game Notes
1982 4/10/1982 @ Jacksonville Tea Men W 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 4/24/1982 @ Chicago Sting  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1982 5/12/1982 @ San Diego Sockers W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1982 5/23/1982 vs. Fort Lauderdale Strikers  W 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 6/8/1982 vs. A.C. Milan W 1-0 Program Scorecard/Roster
1982 6/12/1982 @ Tampa Bay Rowdies W 2-0 Program Game Notes
1982 6/18/1982 @ Montreal Manic  L 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 6/23/1982 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps W 3-2 Program Game Notes
1982 6/27/1982 vs. Edmonton Drillers  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1982 7/10/1982 @ Chicago Sting  W 2-1 Program
1982 8/15/1982 vs. Chicago Sting  W 3-1 Program Game Notes
1983 5/4/1983 @ Fort Lauderdale Strikers L 4-1 Program Game Notes
1983 5/11/1983 @ Seattle Sounders W 3-0 Program Game Notes
1983 5/21/1983 @ Tulsa Roughnecks W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1983 5/25/1983 vs. Golden Bay Earthquakes W 5-1 Program Game Notes
1983 6/17/1983 @ Team America L 2-1 (SO) Game Notes
1983 7/20/1983 vs. Seattle Sounders W 4-3 (SO) Program Game Notes
1983 7/30/1983 @ Chicago Sting  L 2-1  Program  Game Notes
1983 8/10/1983 @ Team America W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1983-84 11/20/1983 vs. Chicago Sting  W 4-2 Program Game Notes
1983-84 12/26/1983 @ Chicago Sting  W 4-3 Program
1984 5/13/1984 vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies W 1-0 Program Game Notes
1984 5/20/1984 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps W 2-1 Game Notes
1984 5/26/1984  @ Tampa Bay Rowdies L 3-2 (SO) Game Notes
1984 6/9/1984 vs. Chicago Sting  L 5-0 Program Game Notes
1984 6/17/1984 vs. Toronto Blizzard W 2-1 Program Game Notes
1984 6/22/1984 @ Chicago Sting  W 2-1  Program Game Notes
1984 7/22/1984 vs. World All-Stars L 3-1 Program Game Notes
1984 9/15/1984 @ Chicago Sting  L 1-0 Program
1984-85 12/14/1984 @ Chicago Sting L 5-4 Program
1984-85 12/22/1984 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 5-2 Program
1984-85 2/9/1985 @ Los Angeles Lazers L 7-3 Program


==Key Players==




Trailer for Once In A Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos



==In Memoriam==

Former Cosmos head coach Hennes Weisweiler, who managed the club from 1980-1982, died July 5, 1983.  He was 63.

Cosmos founder/owner & Warner Communications CEO Steve Ross passed away on December 20, 1992 from prostate cancer at 65.

Ex-Cosmos player/owner Giorgio Chinaglia, the NASL’s all-time leading scorer, died on April 1, 2012 at age 65.




1973 New York Cosmos Season Ticket Brochure

June 1978 New York Cosmos Travel Itinerary – Minnesota

March 25, 1979 Cosmos vs. Estudiantes Tecos Game Program

June 11, 1979 – Cosmos Sign Dutch Star Johan Neeskens Press Release

1982 New York Cosmos Soccer Bowl Press Kit

November 20, 1983 Cosmos Sign Dan Canter Press Release



North American Soccer League Media Guides

North American Soccer League Programs

Major Indoor Soccer League Media Guides

Major Indoor Soccer League Programs



June 22, 1984 – Chicago Sting vs. New York Cosmos

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Roberto Cabanas New York CosmosChicago Sting vs. New York Cosmos
June 22, 1984
Comiskey Park
Attendance: 11,458

North American Soccer League Programs


Sharp match program here from the final season of the North American Soccer League.  I’ve posted a bunch of programs on Fun While It Lasted from the NASL’s terrific rivalry between the Chicago Sting and the New York Cosmos.  Although the Cosmos are the proto-Super Club that everybody remembers today, the Sting typically got the better of the New Yorkers.  Especially in big games, including their only championship match meeting in Soccer Bowl ’81.

This was an exception.  Coming off a humiliating 5-0 home defeat to the Sting 13 days earlier at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, the Cosmos rebounded with a 2-1 victory on the road at Comiskey Park.  Stan Terlecki and Chico Borja scored for New York.  Pato Margetic potted the lone goal for the Sting.

That’s the Cosmos’ Roberto Cabanas on the cover of the day’s KICK Magazine program.  The lanky Paraguayan ran away with the NASL scoring title (25 goals, 16 assists) in 1983 and was named Most Valuable Player of the league.  But his production dropped off a cliff in 1984 and the Cosmos’ floundered along with him.  Perhaps the retirement of Giorgio Chinaglia following the 1983 season allowed opposing defenses to key their attention on Cabanas.  Indoor star Terlecki struggled to be a factor paired with Cabanas up top.  The Cabanas/Chinaglia tandem struck for 43 goals in 1983.  But Cabanas and Terlecki produced just 12 goals in 1984.

The Cosmos’ NASL era would end in three months later on September 15, 1984 with yet another huge match against the Sting.  Back in Chicago and needing a win on the season’s final day to make the playoffs – an utterly alien scenario for the Cosmos – the Sting broke them yet again with a 1-0 victory.  The Sting went on to win the NASL’s final title two weeks later.



June 22, 1984 Chicago Sting Game Notes

June 22, 1984 New York Cosmos Game Notes



Chicago Sting Home Page


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July 15, 1979 – New York Cosmos vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

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Gerd Muller Fort Lauderdale StrikersNew York Cosmos vs. Vancouver Whitecaps
July 15, 1979
Giants Stadium
Attendance: 48,753

North American Soccer League Programs
112 pages


This was a wild one at the Meadowlands in the summer of ’79.  The 48,753 soccer fans witnessed one of the most violent, out of control matches in the history of the North American Soccer League.  The occasion was a meeting between two of the league’s elite – the New York Cosmos (16-5) and the visiting Vancouver Whitecaps (13-8).  The previous season the two clubs finished the regular season with identical 24-6 records, tying each other for the best record in the history of the league.  The Cosmos won the Soccer Bowl championship in 1978, but it was the Whitecaps who had the best of the club’s head-to-head series, winning four of five contests dating back to Vancouver’s formation in 1974

The Cosmos seemed to come into the match in a nasty temperament.  Just a week earlier, the club made headlines for fighting with their own custodial workers during a practice session at Giants Stadium.  The match got physical from the get go, and the Whitecaps were willing adversaries.  Referee Keith Styles blew 48 fouls in the match, including 29 on the Whitecaps.   But at the first intermission, the only scoring action was an own goal by New York’s Carlos Alberto six minutes in, which gave the Whitecaps a 1-0 lead.

The scoring broke open early in the second half.  Vancouver’s Kevin Hector beat Cosmos goalkeeper Erol Yasin in the 48th minute.  New York halved the deficit in the 60th minute on a free kick that saw Franz Beckenbauer set up Dutch international Johan Neeskens.  But the Whitecaps extended their lead to 3-1 less than three minutes later on a goal from English midfielder Ray Lewington.  In the 70th minute Giorgio Chinaglia scored his 23rd goal of the season on a tap in from Dennis Tueart to make it 3-2.

The lid came off the match just over a minute later, when Vancouver’s Willie Johnston collided with New York’s Andranik Eskandarian in the Cosmos’ box.  The two ended up trading punches on the artificial turf.  Chinaglia rushed into fray and was clocked in the eye by the Whitecaps’ John Craven who had entered the match as a sub just a minute earlier.  Both benches poured onto the field.  The brawl appeared to catch Giants Stadium security off guard and continued for fourteen minutes, spilling from one end of the field to the other.  Retired Cosmos legend Pele, of all people, charged the field looking to get a piece of Vancouver keeper Phil Parkes.  A fan vaulted from the grandstand to go after referee Keith Styles.  When order was finally restored, Vancouver’s Craven and Johnston were ejected, along with Chinaglia and Eskandarian for the Cosmos.  The club’s finished the final 18 minutes of the match in a rare 9-on-9 format.  The ‘Caps added an insurance goal for a final score of 4-2 – the Cosmos worst home defeat since moving to Giants Stadium in 1977.

Afterwards, Cosmos officials were apoplectic.  Warner Communications exec Jay Emmett charged the official’s locker after the match.  Executive Vice President Rafael de la Sierra painted conspiraced theories.  The bad feelings would continue two months later when the Cosmos and the ‘Caps met in the NASL’s semi-final playoff series to determine a berth in Soccer Bowl ’79.  In the first game of the series, Eskandarian got a red card with eight seconds remaining in the match and Carlos Alberto was banned for the remained of the season by NASL Commissioner Phil Woosnam for spitting at an official.  The Cosmos threatened a lawsuit, while the ‘Caps focused on soccer and beat the Cosmos in a thrilling three-game set.

On September 8, 1979, the Whitecaps returned to Giants Stadium and defeated the Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-1 in Soccer Bowl ’79 to win their first and only NASL crown.  The Cosmos, who once again had the league’s best regular season mark of 24-6, watched from home.



July 15, 1979 New York Cosmos Game Notes


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April 17, 1971 – St. Louis Stars vs. New York Cosmos

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St. Louis Stars vs. New York Cosmos
April 17, 1971
Busch Stadium
Attendance: 3,701

North American Soccer League Programs
8 pages


This was a remarkable find earlier this month – a creased, somewhat frail paper program from the first match in the history of the famed New York Cosmos.  I inadvertently picked this up from a Missouri man cleaning out his closet of old St. Louis Stars (1967-1977) programs for $5 a piece.  A few hours after it arrived in my post office box earlier this week, a Cosmos collector from New Jersey plucked it away for $100.

The now historic contest was played at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium in peaceful anonymity in April 1971.  The Stars, owned by the stalwart Robert Hermann (for whom the NCAA’s Hermann Trophy is named), were one of the North American Soccer League’s more stable operations.  Nevertheless, fewer than 4,000 fans showed up to watch the Stars’ 5th season home debut.

The Cosmos earned a 2-1 road victory on this day.  Cosmos legend Randy Horton scored the first goal in team history while the game winner came from Ghanaian forward Wilberforce Mfum, a player who wasn’t even listed on the New York roster in the match program.  Inaccurate as it may have been, below is the Cosmos roster for the franchise’s first game, at least according to the Stars’ PR department.  You can grab the entire program in .PDF format in the Downloads section below.

No. Player Position
1 Conrad Kornek GK
2 Barry Mahay FB
3 Charles McCully HB
4 John Young CHB
5 Theodore Hasekidas CHB
6 Horst Meyer HB
7 Jaime Delgado OR
8 Ceyhan Yazar OR
9 Andy Mate CF
11 Jorge Siega OL
12 Radi Mitrovic CF
15 Siggy Stritzl HB
16 Randy Horton CF
19 Kilrakos Fitilas HB
20 Jan Steadman FB
21 Emanuel Kofie GK
24 Rudolph Pearce FB
Coach Gordon Bradley


One footnote for New York fans – that’s Dragan “Don” Popovic, player and assistant coach of the St. Louis Stars pictured on the cover and profiled inside.  Popovic later became a terrific indoor coach and led the New York Arrows to the first four championships of the Major Indoor Soccer League.




April 17, 1971 St. Louis Stars vs. New York Cosmos Match Program


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August 26, 1981 – Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies

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Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies
North American Soccer League Playoffs, Round 1, Game 2
August 26, 1981
Empire Stadium
Attendance: 28,896

North American Soccer League Programs


The Tampa Bay Rowdies really had no business in the North American Soccer League playoffs in 1981.  The Rowdies finished last in their division with a losing record of 15-17.  But they snuck into the NASL’s ultra generous playoff format, setting up a rematch of Soccer Bowl ’79  against the powerhouse Vancouver Whitecaps club in the first round.

The Whitecaps looked poised to make another strong Soccer Bowl run in 1981.  They had a prolific and democratic offense.  Vancouver ranked 3rd in the 21-team NASL in goals scored with 74 (trailing only eventual Soccer Bowl finalists Chicago & New York) despite the fact that their leading scorer Carl Valentine ranked just 20th in the league.  The defense, keyed by 2nd Team All-Star Pierce O’Leary, was even better.  The Whitecaps allowed a NASL-low 43 goals in 32 regular season matches.  Englishman Barry Siddall was among the league’s stingiest goalkeepers with a 1.30 goals against average and 6 clean sheets in 24 appearances.

So it was a shock when the Rowdies blitzed Vancouver for a 4-1 victory in Game 1 at Tampa Bay on August 23rd.  Vancouver actually got on the board first, courtesy of a volley from Valentine.  But the Rowdies tied the match late in the first half and stunned the visiting ‘Caps with a three goal barrage in the second.  The best-of-three series now headed back to Vancouver’s Empire Stadium for Game 2 and, if necessary, Game 3.

“We’re a great team,” Siddall told The St. Petersburg Times resolutely after the Game 1 debacle.  “And I guarantee you, things will be different at our place.”

Siddall was right.  The Whitecaps couldn’t score at all three nights later in front of a near sellout at Empire Stadium.  Vancouver organized their defense and controlled the tempo in the first half, but it was the Rowdies that scored against he run of play.  English winger David Moss, playing his only season in America on a loan from Luton Town, beat the Vancouver defensive wall and Barry Siddall from 23 yards out on a free kick in the 28th minute.  Moss had also scored for Tampa in the Game 1 rout.

The Rowdies defense and goalkeeper Kevin “Cat” Keelan blanked Vancouver the rest of the way and Moss’ goal held up in the 1-0 victory.  The stunned Whitecaps went home in the first round for the second straight year.  Tampa’s lack of talent caught up with them in the next round, and they lost to the NASL’s top regular season team, the New York Cosmos in the quarterfinals.

Collector’s note: Angelo DiBernardo of the Cosmos was pictured on the cover of the evening’s KICK Magazine match program (above right).  This was the cover used for all NASL 1st round playoff matches in 1981.





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