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1979-2001 Wichita Wings

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Wichita Wings Media GuideMajor Indoor Soccer League (1979-1992)
National Professional Soccer League (1992-2001)

Born: August 21, 1979 – MISL expansion franchise.
Folded: May 18, 2001 

Arena: Kansas Coliseum

Team Colors:


MISL Championships: None
NPSL Championships: None


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==Wichita Wings Programs on Fun While It Lasted==

Season Date Opponent Score Program Other


1979-80 3/18/1980 vs. Houston Summit L 5-4 (OT) Program


1982-83 1/29/1983 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 7-6 (OT) Program
1982-83 4/5/1983 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 4-3 Program


1983-84 12/17/1983 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 6-5 (OT) Program
1983-84 12/27/1983 vs. Los Angeles Lazers W 11-6 Program
1983-84 2/1/1984 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 5-3 Program
1983-84 2/7/1984 vs. Los Angeles Lazers W 4-1 Program
1983-84 2/17/1984 vs. Pittsburgh Spirit W 6-4 Program
1983-84 2/24/1984 vs. Memphis Americans W 7-4 Program
1983-84 3/16/1984 vs. Kansas City Comets W 5-4 Program
1983-84 3/18/1984 vs. Buffalo Stallions W 6-3 Program
1983-84 3/21/1984 @ Los Angeles Lazers L 2-1 Program
1983-84 3/24/1984 vs. St. Louis Steamers W 4-2 Program
1983-84 4/1/1984 vs. Pittsburgh Spirit W 5-4 Program
1983-84 4/15/1984 vs. Phoenix Pride W 6-5 Program
1983-84 4/24/1984 vs. Los Angeles Lazers W 10-7 Program
1983-84 5/4/1984 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 5-4 Program


1984-85 11/15/1984 @ Los Angeles Lazers L 3-2 (OT) Program
1984-85 11/24/1984 vs. Tacoma Stars W 4-3 Program
1984-85 12/21/1984 vs. Pittsburgh Spirit W 5-4 (OT) Program
1984-85 12/28/1984 vs. New York Cosmos W 7-5 Program
1984-85 12/30/1984 vs. Los Angeles Lazers L 8-7 Program
1984-85 1/12/1985 vs. Kansas City Comets W 5-4 (OT) Program
1984-85 2/11/1985 @ Los Angeles Lazers L 3-1 Program


1985-86 11/22/1985 @ Chicago Sting L 5-4 Program
1985-86 11/23/1985 vs. San Diego Sockers W 11-9 Program
1985-86 12/3/1985 vs. St. Louis Steamers W 4-3 Program Video
1985-86 12/6/1985 @ St. Louis Steamers L 5-3 Program
1985-86 12/8/1985 vs. Los Angeles Lazers W 8-3 Program
1985-86 12/13/1985 vs. Kansas City Comets W 7-2 Program
1985-86 12/20/1985 vs. Tacoma Stars W 4-2 Program
1985-86 12/26 1985 vs. San Diego Sockers ?? Program
1985-86 1/4/1986 @ Los Angeles Lazers L 6-4 Program
1985-86 1/7/1986 vs. Kansas City Comets W 4-3 (OT) Program
1985-86 1/10/1986 vs. Baltimore Blast L 6-3 Program
1985-86 1/19/1986 vs. Los Angeles Lazers W 6-3 Program
1985-86 1/25/1986 vs. Minnesota Strikers L 6-4 Program
1985-86 1/31/1986 vs. Tacoma Stars W 6-5 (OT) Program
1985-86 2/2/1986 vs. Cleveland Force L 4-3 Program
1985-86 2/9/1986 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 7-2 Program
1985-86 2/11/1986 vs. St. Louis Steamers L 4-2 Program
1985-86 2/21/1986 vs. Chicago Sting W 11-3 Program
1985-86 2/23/1986 vs. Cleveland Force L 8-5 Program
1985-86 3/7/1986 vs. Los Angeles Lazers W 9-4 Program
1985-86 3/9/1986 vs. San Diego Sockers W 5-4 Program
1985-86 3/11/1986 vs. Pittsburgh Spirit W 5-4 Program
1985-86 3/14/1986 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 8-6 Program
1985-86 3/21/1986 vs. Tacoma Stars W 9-6 Program


1986-87 11/14/1986 vs. Tacoma Stars W 6-4 Program
1986-87 12/7/1986 vs. San Diego Sockers L 8-5 Program
1986-87 1/20/1987 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 5-4 (OT) Program
1986-87 1/27/1987 vs. Dynamo Moscow W 7-6 Program
1986-87 1/30/1987 vs. Chicago Sting W 7-2 Program
1986-87 2/3/1987 vs. New York Express W 7-5 Program
1986-87 2/13/1987 vs. Tacoma Stars W 8-7 Program
1986-87 3/1/1987 @ Los Angeles Lazers W 5-4 Program
1986-87 4/26/1987 @ Los Angeles Lazers L 6-1 Program


1987-88 12/26/1987 vs. Baltimore Blast W 5-4 Program
1987-88 1/23/1988 vs. Chicago Sting W 4-3 (OT) Program
1987-88 2/25/1988 @ Los Angeles Lazers ?? Program
1987-88 4/2/1988 @ Cleveland Force L 7-2 Program
1987-88 4/16/1988 @ Los Angeles Lazers ?? Program


1988-89 12/26/1988 @ Los Angeles Lazers ?? Program
1988-89 1/15/1989 @ Los Angeles Lazers ?? Program
1988-89 2/9/1989 @ Los Angeles Lazers ?? Program
1988-89 4/15/1989 @ Los Angeles Lazers ?? Program


1989-90 4/22/1990 @ Cleveland Crunch W 7-5 Program


1991-92 12/14/1991 vs. St. Louis Storm ?? Program
1991-92 4/4/1992 @ Cleveland Crunch L 3-2 Program



1987-88 Major Indoor Soccer League Rule Book & Schedule 



Major Indoor Soccer League Media Guides

Major Indoor Soccer League Programs

National Professional Soccer League Media Guides

National Professional Soccer League Programs


December 3, 1985 – Wichita Wings vs. St. Louis Steamers

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Wichita Wings vs. St. Louis Steamers. December 3, 1985Wichita Wings vs. St. Louis Steamers
December 3, 1985
Kansas Coliseum
Attendance: ?

Major Indoor Soccer League Programs


The early/mid 1980’s clashes between the Wichita Wings and the St. Louis Steamers made for one of the best rivalries during the golden era of indoor soccer.  Both teams were popular and drew large crowds at the time, which fueled the competition.

I chose to post this game because 1.) someone posted a great-looking 46-minute edit of the St. Louis local broadcast on YouTube and 2.) we had the game program here in the archives, courtesy of Wings historian and occasional FWiL contributor Michael Romalis.  That’s the late Slobo Ilijevski of the Steamers on the cover (above right), one of the all-time greats of the indoor game.

Oh yeah – this game also featured one of the greatest goals in MISL history.  A ludicrous, ill-conceived length-of-the-floor sprint by Wichita goalkeeper Jan Olesen.  The seldom-used Dane, who would play only 16 games in the Major Indoor Soccer League, beat three St. Louis defenders and nutmegged Slobo to open the scoring in the 2nd quarter and send the Kansas Coliseum crowd into a frenzy.   There’s a separate highlight clip of Olesen’s rampage in the video section below.

The Wings held on for a 4-3 victory.



Jan Olesen’s end-to-end golazo…


St. Louis Steamers local broadcast.  46-minute edit:



St. Louis Steamers Home Page

Wichita Wings Home Page


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November 23, 1985 – Wichita Wings vs. San Diego Sockers

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Steve Zungul San Diego SockersWichita Wings vs. San Diego Sockers
November 23, 1985
Kansas Coliseum
Attendance: 9,051

Major Indoor Soccer League Programs
32 pages


This rare MISSILE Magazine program comes from the heyday of the old Major Indoor Soccer League (1978-1992).  Indoor soccer reigned supreme on the U.S. soccer scene in 1985.  There was no outdoor professional league in the entire country at the time.  And the greatest indoor player of them all was Steve Zungul, the “Lord of All Indoors”, pictured on the cover of the evening’s game program.

Zungul was the all-time leading scorer in the sport in 1985, and winner of the league’s MVP in five of the six seasons he had competed in.  Zungul was also the straw that stirred the drink for two different indoor dynasties.  The New York Arrows won four consecutive MISL titles with Zungul as their leader from 1978 to 1982.  When the cash-starved Arrows dealt Zungul away for financial relief in 1983, their hegemony came to an immediate end.

The San Diego Sockers had already captured three indoor titles in the MISL and its defunct rival the North American Soccer League when Zungul arrived in 1984.  He made the team even more dominant (a team-best 37-11 record in the 1984-85 campaign) and led them to a fourth title in 1985, picking up his 5th MISL MVP award along the way.

The Wichita Wings hosted Zungul and the Sockers for this early season clash in November 1985.  A near-sellout crowd of 9,051 packed the Kansas Coliseum for the Wings’ second home game of the year.  The Wings had never beaten San Diego in eight previous tries, which included losing a three-game sweep in the 1983 MISL playoffs.  That didn’t seem likely to change, as the Sockers jumped out to an early 4-0 lead.

But the Wings defense managed to contain Zungul, holding him to just one goal on the night.  Wichita’s Danish striker Erik Rasmussen led the comeback, tying a team record with 5 goals and adding two more assists.  The two clubs combined for 20 goals – the most in a Wichita game all season – but the Wings got the best of it, beating the Sockers for the very first time 11-9.

Two months later, Sockers owner Bob Bell sold Zungul to the Tacoma Stars for $200,000 in midseason.  Zungul finished the 1985-86 season in Tacoma as the league leader in both assists (60) and total points (115) and won his sixth Most Valuable Player Award.  Erik Rasmussen of Wichita led the MISL in goals with 67.

Unlike the Arrows dynasty, however, the Sockers did not collapse after selling off the greatest player in the sport.  The Sockers won their fourth straight indoor title in 1986 and would add another in 1988 before Zungul rejoined San Diego for the 1988-89 season.



San Diego Sockers Home Page


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December 28, 1984 – Wichita Wings vs. New York Cosmos

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Dave MacKenzie Pittsburgh SpiritWichita Wings vs. New York Cosmos
December 28, 1984
Kansas Coliseum
Attendance: 9,518

Major Indoor Soccer League Programs


FWil contributor Michael Romalis grew up in Wichita, Kansas cheering for the Wichita Wings, an indoor soccer team that regularly sold out the Kansas Coliseum in the early 1980′s.  This blog is re-printed with permission from Michael’s now-defunct Wichita Wings History website.


“When I came to Wichita, Kansas I never really dreamed we would ever talk about the Wichita Wings playing the New York Cosmos.  Such is the growth of soccer in Kansas that they are coming here and I think we’ve got a great chance of beating them.”

–Wings coach Roy Turner, as quoted in the game write-up of this program.  In 1975, Roy’s Dallas Tornado squad played the Cosmos in front of a worldwide television audience when Pele made his North American debut.

This December 28, 1984 home match was a historical game in retrospect.

New York Cosmos Media GuideAfter a week off since a home win against Pittsburgh, the well-rested Wings were ready for a match-up against another MISL newcomer, the New York Cosmos.  The Cosmos, of course, were a famous NASL team in the late 1970’s after having procured the services of Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and Giorgio Chinaglia.  By 1977 it could be argued that the Cosmos were as famous as the Reggie Jacksonled New York Yankees.

By 1984, though, the NASL was nearly out of business and the Cosmos franchise was a shell of its once great self.  Attempting to keep itself afloat, the Cosmos joined the Major Indoor Soccer League, which by then was the premiere professional soccer league in the country.  Though the Cosmos still boasted some respectable players (including Chinaglia , who officially occupied a roster spot despite only appearing in four games), they were no match for the MISL’s powerful clubs.  On this night, Coach Turner’s prediction came true as the Wings won 7-5 in front of 9,518 at the Kansas Coliseum.

Less than two months later, the Cosmos ceased operations at the MISL All-Star Break on February 22, 1985.  They left the MISL with an 11-22 record.  Still, Wichita hosting the world famous New York Cosmos for one night was a historical and proud moment for the city’s soccer community.


Dave Mackenzie of the Pittsburgh Spirit and Gino Schiraldi of the Kansas City Comets are pictured on the cover of the evening’s program.



New York Cosmos Home Page


The Promoters: Bill Kentling

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This is one of my favorite interviews I’ve done so far for Fun While It Lasted.

In late May, I was fortunate to track down Bill Kentling, the former Commissioner of the Major Indoor Soccer League, as well as a General Manager for the MISL’s small market success story of the early 1980’s, the Wichita Wings.   Kentling’s nine-year odyssey in the MISL from 1980 to 1989 coincided with the quick rise of indoor soccer from obscurity to an attraction that rivaled the NBA and NHL in several Midwestern cities followed by an equally rapid decline from national prominence at the end of the 1980’s.

Bill is a gifted storyteller and my requested 20-minute interview turned into a rambling discussion on my experiences in Women’s Professional Soccer and independent baseball, and his experiences with hurricanes, Hot Rod racing and chemo therapy.  It was both a challenge and a pleasure to cull an hour-long MP3 of our conversation down to a still-overly-indulgent nine-page interview on the pro soccer business.

Click here for the interview and enjoy.

No animals were harmed in the production of this post.


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